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The choice of the right technology is one of the foundations of the success of e commerce / e business. From clear product management, to the online payment module, to integrating the online store with ERP software: we are experts in the development of personalized and scalable b2b & b2c ecommerce platforms.


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From research to delivery

E-commerce concerns the entire chain, from the search for a product or service by the user until its delivery, and the treatment of a possible return. Creating a successful online store involves different aspects:

The e-commerce should upselling to encourage customers to purchase a comparable higher-end product than the one in question.
The e-commerce should cross-selling to identify products that satisfy additional, complementary needs that are unfulfilled by the original item.
The e-commerce should seamless processing of transactions and orders, including marketing automation.
An ecommerce business needs a reliable support options, from FAQs to online chat.
An ecommerce business should sell on marketplaces (Ebay, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest) and Point of Sale.

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company operations

We integrate the online store into the operation of the business, so that it becomes a permanent part of the existing business processes.


Our marketing experts ensure that users find their way to your webshop, with platforms such as Google Shopping, search engine advertising networks, social networks and more.


We create an online payment flow that guides the user, including on mobile, throughout the process of the selection to payment. Through marketing automation, we establish optimal communication with the customer for tracking, remarketing and support.


We make well-thought-out technology choices based on a long-term strategy. We choose the best technologies for each company and sector to become successful.


A good e-commerce platform is dynamic. We are continually improving platforms through automated testing and deployment flows.


We design the front office, middle office and back office architecture, and determine the data flows in the organization. We design a good knowledge of your business through good data management.